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Cool Breeze E-Liquid is a fresh cool ice mint flavour that you will fall in love with.

Creme De La Creme E-Liquid is a sweet velvety creme brulee.

Apple Berry Blast E-Liquid is a sweet taste of a fresh juicy apple combined with a selection of Forest Fruits, Raspberry, Blackcurrant and Blueberry.

Apple Crumble E-Liquid is a homemade apple crumble you will fall in love with.

Heisenberg/Blueberg previously known as Heisenberg E-Liquid is there take on a vape favourite, with this juice you find a menthol blast followed by fruity undertones.

Bubblegum Blast E-Liquid is a blend of sugary bubblegum with a menthol breeze to create a cool and fresh tasting inhale and exhale alike.

Candy Crush E-Liquid is a candy based flavour full of sweet ripe raspberries.

Caribbean Twist E-Liquid is a flavour full of your favourite pineapple sweets.

Cherry Cake Dodgers  E-Liquid is an almond sponge with cherry jam encased in a sweet pastry crust.

Fizzy Cola E-Liquid is a cola based flavour with a hint of lime and menthol.

Grape Drank E-Liquid is a mixed fruit and grape drink with an unforgettable cooling exhale.

Jam On Toast is a strawberry jam over a delicious crispy toast.

Looper E-Liquid is a Moorish fruit cereal that will have you doing loops for more.

Mango Fusion E-Liquid is a tropical mango flavour fused to perfection.

Mothers Milk E-Liquid is based on your all-time favourite. A flavour, full of strawberries and cream.

Oasis buddha vapes e-liquid is a combination of many candied fruits, It feels like you've opened one of the packets of tutti Frutti way back when.

Pink Lemonade E-Liquid is a beautiful blend of lemonade and raspberries.

Rainbow Candy E-Liquid is a flavour full of the classic rainbow fruits you will all enjoy.

Red Cherry Burst E-Liquid is a delightful vape with red cherry complimented by aniseed. 

Tobacco captures a traditional cigarette taste with a silky and gentle smooth honey wood aftertaste. 

Traditional Custard  E-Liquid is a classic Vanilla Custard.

Twisted Melon E-Liquid is a medley of melon flavours to meet all your melon needs.

Unicorn Blood E-Liquid is a candy flavour full of a mixture of sweets. Treat yourself today for a true candy shop experience.

Vamtos E-Liquid is a fruity mix of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants, providing a flavour that is reminiscent of a summertime drink with a similar name.
Vanilla Creme E-Liquid is a very creamy indulgence with vanilla and a hint of caramel.

Vanilla Creme E-Liquid is a very creamy indulgence with vanilla and a hint of caramel.

Blackcurrant Burst  E-Liquid is the refreshing taste of freshly picked blackcurrants followed by a cool menthol blast and an aniseed after taste.

Pinkman by Buddha Vapes E-Liquid is a citrus fruit medley exploding with fruity flavour.

Berry Lemonade e-Liquid by Buddha Vapes is a subtle lemonade schweppes with fresh berries.

Latte e-Liquid by Buddha Vapes is a creamy chocolate latte with a shot of espresso to go.

Blue Raspberry Sherbet e-Liquid by Buddha Vapes is a tangy refreshing blue raspberry.

OG Kush e-Liquid by Buddha Vapes The planets best baked cake infused with OG Kush terpenes so sensational it will make other Pâtisseries Jealous. NO HIGH, NO CHILL, JUST FLAVOURS.

Cappuccino e-Liquid by Buddha Vapes. Fancy a Cappuccino? we challenge you to try our Cappuccino Flavor e-liquid! It's smooth, delicate and expels and alluring aroma which takes you back to the true taste of freshly ground coffee beans.

Bull Frost e-liquid by the new Buddha Vapes Series Reborn. The taste of world famous energy drinks!.

Mojito Madness e-liquid by the new Buddha Vapes Series Reborn. Taste of mojito's inside!.

Grape Burst e-liquid by the new Buddha Vapes Series Reborn. A mixed grape drink with an unforgettable cooling exhale.

Mango Lychee e-liquid by the new Buddha Vapes Series Reborn. Mixed mango and lychee make a better taste!.

Strawberry Bliss e-liquid by the new Buddha Vapes Series Reborn. Taste of cloudy strawberry.

VG/PG: 80/20
Size: 100ml + 2x10ml bottles of 18mg Nic Shots included with each bottle you order.
Country: UK

Please Note: This e-liquid is provided in a 120ml bottle with 100ml of e-liquid, allowing you to add 2x10ml of 18mg Nicotine Shots (if required) to make it 3mg.

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