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The Uwell Caliburn G2 pod vape kit combines a compact build with a simple design, making it an easy-to-use kit that you can take on the go. Powered by a 750mAh built-in battery, you’ll experience up to a full day of vaping on one charge. Plus, the kit features USB-C fast charging. Designed for MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping, the G2 creates a small amount of vapour. It comes complete with a refillable 2ml pod and two Caliburn G coils to get you started.


  • MTL Pod Kit
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • 750mAh Battery
  • Single Button Activation
  • Refillable 2ml Pods
  • Mesh Coils

Thanks to single button activation there are no menu systems or lengthy setup to endure. Instead, press the fire button five times to unlock the kit and get started. Once unlocked, you can choose between inhale activation or using the button to vape. Both styles deliver a vape that feels much closer to a cigarette. Also built into the kit is a clear window that lets you see exactly how much e-liquid is left, so you’ll know when to refill.

The Caliburn G2 pods will each hold up to 2ml of e-liquid, thanks to a top-filling design you can refill them quickly - even if you’re on the go. An upgrade to earlier versions, this pod also features an adjustable airflow that gives you the option of a tighter or looser inhale. When it comes to pairing your kit with e-liquid, you can take your pick from a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths. We recommend either a 50/50 e-liquid or a high PG option for a genuine MTL vape.


  • Uwell Caliburn G2 Device
  • G2 Refillable 2ml Pod
  • Mesh G2 1.2 Ohm Coil
  • Mesh G2 0.8 Ohm Coil
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

How To Set-Up & Use My Caliburn G2 Pod Kit

How to Recharge Your Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Kit

Charge Your Caliburn G2 Pod Kit

When your Caliburn G2 pod kit arrives it may need to be charged. Use the included USB-C cable and charge until the light on the kit turns green.

How To Remove Caliburn G2 Pod Mouthpiece

Remove the G2 Pod Mouthpiece

Keep the Caliburn G2 pod inside the device to make removing the mouthpiece easier. Push against the mouthpiece until it comes off.

How To Fill E-Liquid In The Caliburn G2 Pod

How To Fill Your G2 Pod

Push the nib of your e-liquid bottle into the filling port to refill. Only refill via the hole with the red underlay. Do not attempt to refill via the center hole or side hole.

How To Reassemble The Caliburn G2 Pod Vape Kit

Reassemble Your Caliburn G2 Vape Kit

Once filled, re-attach the mouthpiece to the pod by pushing it down firmly until you hear a click.

How Long To Wait Before Vaping On The Caliburn G2

Prime Your Caliburn G Coil

Leave your Uwell Caliburn G2 pod kit upright for ten minutes to give the e-liquid time to soak into the Caliburn G coil.

How to Turn The Caliburn G2 Kit On

Turn On And Vape Caliburn G2 Kit

When charged and filled, click the firing button five times quickly to switch the G2 on. You can then press the button or inhale on the mouthpiece to vape.


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