Smok Vape Pen 22 Replacement Coils

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This 5 pack of SMOK Vape Pen 22 replaceable atomizer coils is compatible with the all-in-one, Vape Pen 22 battery/tank device which was first released in 2016.

The Vape Pen 22 device was designed to make full-flavour, sub-ohm vaping easily accessible to new vapers. The simplicity of the Vape Pen 22 is carried over into the design of the coils it uses however there are a number of coils now available for teh vape pen 22.

Vape Pen 22 replaceable atomizer coils have a screw on the coil base for attachment to the SMOK Vape Pen’s tank section. The coils have vertical coil wire, with a wide central airflow channel. The coil wire is wrapped in a deep layer of pure, organic cotton. These replaceable coils feature 4 long, oval wicking ports to maximize cotton saturation with e juice.

Revitalise your SMOK Vape Pen 22 e cig with one of these high-performance Strip or Mesh coils. By replacing the traditional coil wire with either a Strip or Mesh of Kanthal, these new coil formats vastly outperform thin wire. Along with superior flavour and cloud performance, these Vape Pen 22 Strip or Mesh coils also last longer than traditional wire coil heads.

SMOK’s replaceable Strip coil for the Vape Pen 22 is made from a flattened sheet of Kanthal. The Kanthal strip has a much bigger heating area than thin wire. To improve vapour production even further, the flattened Strip coil is perforated with hundreds of tiny holes. Each hole becomes filled with a small drop of e liquid.

SMOK’s Vape Pen 22 Mesh Coil works on a similar principle. Filaments of Kanthal wire are woven into a flat mesh. Compared to a standard coil, the wire mesh has an enormous surface area. When the mesh coil is fired, e juice in and around the Mesh coil is transformed into a large cloud of rich-tasting vapour.

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0.3 Ohms Vape Pen 22 Coil Features:
0.3 Ohm screw-in replaceable atomizer coil
For use with the SMOK Vape Pen 22 device
Designed for simple, sub-ohm vaping
Longer barrel for improved sub-ohm performance
Long, oval wicking ports for optimum e juice delivery
Padded with organic Japanese wicking cotton
100% Genuine SMOK Vape Pen 22 atomizer coil

0.15 Ohms Vape Pen 22 Mesh Coil Features:
Replacement Vape Pen 22 Mesh coil with a resistance of 0.15 Ohms
Designed for use with SMOK’s Vape Pen 22 AIO device
More cloud & flavour than thin coil wire at the same power level
Features a woven mesh of Kanthal wire filaments
Vastly increased surface area – more e juice in contact with mesh
Faster firing response
Lasts longer than traditional wire coils
Increases Vape Pen 22 cloud production
100% genuine replacement SMOK Vape Pen Mesh Coil

0.15 Ohms Vape Pen 22 Strip Coil Features:
Replacement Vape Pen 22 Strip coil with a resistance of 0.15 Ohms
Compatible with SMOK’s all-in-one (AIO) Vape Pen 22 kit
Increased vapour production from greater surface area
Heating core is a flat, perforated strip of Kanthal
Uniform heating with no hot spots
Longer life expectancy than traditional wire coils
Boosts Vape Pen 22 flavour & cloud production
100% authentic replacement Vape Pen 22 Strip Coil