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Grapple & Slapcurrant by Riot Squad. Slamming flavours of pummelled apple and whacking blackcurrant. Expect a bash from this one!

Cola Cooler by Riot Squad. Let cola chaos reign. A virtuous cola gone mad, with a sweet underlying flavour.

Pink Grenade by Riot Squad- Prepare to get in a fizz as this weapon is charged up with lemon and explosive strawberry lemonade.

Sub Lime by Riot Squad- Subversive flavours of sweet acidic lime and lemon, that will mess up your senses and leave you with a sour aftertaste

Strawberry Scream by Riot Squad- An outrageous strawberry jam that will wreak havoc on your taste buds, watch out for the soda edge that will leave you all fizzed up.

Black Edition #1 by Riot Squad- Riot Squad Black Edition #1 is a tangy tangerine, blood orange candy flavour which you will struggle to put down!

Punk Grenade Bubblegum by Riot Squad- Bubblegum Grenade starts off with sugary banana and strawberries on the inhale and follows up with a tangy lemonade taste on the exhale. Another cheeky flavour from Punk Grenade which combines the sweetness of candy with the freshness of fruit for a bubblegum flavour with a lemonade twist.

Punk Melon Grenade e-liquid by Riot Squad is a tropical fruit blend that features a juicy taste the whole way through. From your first vape, you’ll detect the sweet notes of melon, countered by a sharp lemonade to finish.

Punk Grenade Apple by Riot Squad- Apple Grenade combines crunchy apples with punky-pink lemonade for a refreshing fruit vape with a fizzy lemonade tang. 

Yuzu Grenade by Riot Squad. This incredibly unique flavour of crisp and freshly picked yuzu fruit, which is a tropical citrus fruit reminiscent of grapefruit with both super tangy sweet and sour notes.

Iron Bruise by Riot Squad- Prepare for a battering, this flavour will hammer your taste buds like an Iron Bar. A refreshing wham followed by an energising citrus hit.

Blueberry Alliance by Riot Squad and Bang Juice have met head on and created a sweet blueberry explosion full of fruity flavour!

Kiwi Coalition by Riot Squad- Shock your senses and detonate sweet, acidic flavours of kiwi, apple and lime with Kiwi Coalition by Bang Juice. Simply light the fuse and go!

Smashed Apple Pie by Riot Squad is a wicked apple pie gone mad. Deliciously decadent flavours of bashed butter crust with warm apple filling and a hint virtuous vanilla. Grannie would be proud of this Smashed Apple Pie.

Menthol Molotov by Riot Squad is a menthol flavour that features a tropical undertone throughout. We're not exactly sure what tropical fruits are in this bottle, but we do know that it is seriously refreshing, providing you with an icy blast of pure menthol!

Raspberry Grenade by Riot Squad... Batten down the hatches – Raspberry Grenade, incoming! This scrumptious sub ohm blend is sure to make its way to the frontline of your e-liquid collection as a firm favourite with its notes of tart raspberry and subtle, refreshing lemonade. 

Blue Burst by Riot Squad is a cool blue raspberry slush flavour with a strong menthol overtone.

Cherry Fizzle by Riot Squad carries the taste of deep, sweet red cherries, topped off with a sparkling fizz to light up your taste buds.

  • 50ml E-Liquid in a 60ml Bottle.
  • VG 70%/ PG 30%
  • Please note: Nicotine Shots are not included with the bottle and can be added separately here

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