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These Pukka Juice e-Liquids are an amazing premium range of delectable fruity flavoured delicious vape combinations that are packed full of flavour and all available in 50ml shortfill bottles that are nic shot ready.

Please Note the nicotine shots are not included with the bottle, and can be added separately here.


Blaze- fruity blend with an icy twist, Blaze by Pukka Juice is one of the most popular flavours in this range. Combining sweet blueberries with tart raspberries and finishing it off with an icy hit provides you with a balanced flavour that is simply irresistible.

Blaze on Ice- Blaze, the popular flavour by Pukka Juice has a new variation. Taking the fruity base flavour of Blueberries & Raspberries, Pukka Juice have opted to leave out the menthol, so if you're not a fan of cool vapes, you can now enjoy this excellent blend without the brain freeze!

Berry Blaze shortfill e-liquid by Pukka Juice is a berry fruit blend containing an icy afterbite. A fusion of bold, rich blackcurrant and bittersweet blue raspberry is countered on exhale by a cooling ice for a layered vape, which plays between juicy and sharp flavours. 

Tropical by Pukka Juice is - you guessed it - a tropical blend that features a medley of fruits. Combining Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Peach & Kiwi, this e liquid features an excellent balance of fruit flavours, capturing the sweet and tart notes and balancing them perfectly.

Mango by Pukka Juice is a simple, yet effective flavour that highlights the exotic fruit brilliantly, layering the sweet and tart notes throughout. This e liquid is a no fuss fruit flavour with no additives - if you're looking for pure mango, then this is a perfect choice!

Rainbow Blaze by Pukka Juice is a fruity, candy infused blend with a refreshing aftertaste. It starts with a rainbow candy blend that is prominent throughout this flavour, then combines it with a medley of juicy berries and finishes it off with a refreshing menthol kick.

 Dew by Pukka Juice is a citrus blend that has been inspired by a popular Soda. Featuring a blend of Lemon and Lime Soda, Dew features a blend of sweet and tangy notes. This is then enhanced with a hint of menthol to provide a nice cooling effect.

Blackcurrant A simple fruit blend, Blackcurrant by Pukka Juice features bold flavour notes of Blackcurrant that have been complemented by a slight twist of lime. Further to this, there is an undertone of cooling menthol to really set this vape apart!

Summer Fruits by Pukka Juice is a fruit fuelled blend that is perfect for - you guessed it - summer! This medley of mixed berries features a tart and sweet flavour profile, with Pukka adding in a hint of lime for citrus that cuts through to deliver an excellent berry vape!

Lime Lemonade by Pukka Juice is a soda blend with a citrus infusion. Taking a classic lemonade as its base, Pukka has then added in an extra zing of citrus, with a squeeze of Lime, creating another classic combination in e-liquid form. A great balance of sweet and tangy citrus flavours.