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Milkshake Man Strawberry Milkshake - A delicious combination of fresh strawberries, blended with ice cream and cold milk, topped off with whipped cream! 

Milkshake Man Blueberry Milkshake - A delicious combination of fresh blueberries, blended with ice cream and cold milk, topped off with whipped cream!

Milkshake Man Banana Milkshake - You’ll think you’re sipping on a thick and creamy banana milkshake when you experience this delicious vapor! No milkshake is complete without a swirl of whipped cream on top—and this juice delivers that extra indulgence.

Caramel Frapp by Marina Vape is an e-liquid that contains the prominent flavours of a Caramel Frappe. 

Donuts E-Juice by Marina Vape. A sweet strawberry frosted doughnut with strawberry jam filling dipped in an ice-cold glass of milk. Cereal style donutty goodness in vape form. Prominent Flavours: Strawberry, Donut, Cream.

PBLS Donuts E-Juice by Marina Vape. Sure to follow in the footsteps of the ever-popular 'Donuts', PBLS Donut is a glazed donut with fruity pebbles and milk flavourings.

Blueberry Donuts by Marina Vape is the latest flavour from Donuts E-Juice and it's yet flavoursome one. Warm and fluffy blueberry donuts combine expertly with a glass of milk to make this e-liquid.

Marshmallow Man. Sweet. Fluffy. Creamy. Marshmallow man by Marina Vape is here! A new and exciting e-liquid which is a must-have for everyone. This is pure marshmallows in an e-liquid, a unique flavour that has been done to perfection, you won't be able to put this down.

Marshmallow Man 2 by Marina Vape is here, building on the sweet, fluffy, and creamy flavours from the original, Marshmallow Man 2 is set to be a must-have for all vapers. The unique flavour blend is crafted to perfection and you won't be able to put it down. 

Marshmallow Man 3 by Marina Vape features the prominent flavours of marshmallows and strawberries. 

Choco Donuts by Marina Vape is an e-liquid that contains the flavours of Chocolate and Donuts.

Sweet Shack by Marina Vape, Sweet but sour, tangy and fruity. Splashes of juicy Strawberries with hints of freshly sliced summertime Watermelons with an icy kick!

Villa by Marina Vape combines the classic flavour of milk and biscuits! This e-liquid will bring back precious childhood memories! Try it out for yourself!

Hazelnut Frapp by Marina Vape is an e-liquid that contains the prominent flavours of a Hazelnut Frappe.

Glazed Kronuts by Marina Vapes is an e-liquid that has the prominent flavours of Donuts, Croissants and Cream.

Vape Flurry by Marina Vape Indulge in your favourite delectable treat that blends a creamy cookie milkshake with sweet chocolate sandwich cookies. A perfect mixture to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lychee Ice Cream by Marina Vape flavours blended beautifully in a cool, creamy ice cream vape juice. The perfect mix of sweet, savoury, and creamy. Made in California by Marina Vape.

Sweet Shack Ice by Marina Vape is one exciting e-liquid short fill that will give you a refreshing vaping experience. Similar to the Sweet Shack flavour, Sweet Shack Ice includes a minty menthol taste. Try Sweet Shack Ice today and experience the refreshing mixture of watermelon, strawberries, and menthol all in one compact 50ml short fill. This delicious short fill will have you dreaming of summertime with these summer fruit flavours.

Honey Bear by Marina Vape will bring you an amazing vape flavour of honey and graham crackers.

Treats Fruity Pebbles by Marina Vapes E-Liquid - Your favourite fruity pebble cereal is stuck together with chewy marshmallow and then sandwiching a thick layer of vanilla bean ice cream, this e-liquid from Marina Vape really is a treat!

Treats St Macaroon by Marina Vape. Who doesn't love the taste of a perfectly crafted Frech Macaroon? This 50ml Shortfill e-liquid has just the right strawberry to meringue ratio and defines the essence of what the perfect dessert flavour should be.

  • 50ml E-Liquid in a 60ml Bottle.
  • VG 70%/ PG 30%
  • Please noteNicotine Shots are not included with the bottle and can be added separately here

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